Cool 10-Layer 3D Finding Nemo Cake

Here’s a  10-layer 3D Finding Nemo Cake made with chocolate and vanilla with bananna cream pudding  made by myself and my fiance Ed for my 3 year old stepdaughter Ariannas 3rd birthday My step daughter Arianna loves Nemo so I told her “Mommy Sam n Papi ” will make you a Nemo cake and so we … Read more

Last Minute Jack Daniel’s and Coke Cake

Last Minute Jack Daniel's and Coke Cake

I had a last minute request from my sister the night before to make a cake so my fiance Eduardo got to work on it. I had no time to make the cakes so I bought him 3 flavors, dark chocolate, French vanilla and butter pecan. I baked the chocolate and French vanilla in a … Read more