Here’s a  10-layer 3D Finding Nemo Cake made with chocolate and vanilla with bananna cream pudding  made by myself and my fiance Ed for my 3 year old stepdaughter Ariannas 3rd birthday

My step daughter Arianna loves Nemo so I told her “Mommy Sam n Papi ” will make you a Nemo cake and so we decided to buy her the cakes, 2 boxes of chocolate and 2 vanilla and we baked them on a sheet pan to be skinny and long. We then cut and alternated the layers, vanilla chocolate with banana cream pudding in the middle. It looked like a big rectangle. We stuck 2 big knives in to hold it while we craved the cake into the shape of a fish and it took some time but we got it.

And once we got the shape we iced it with butter cream and we let it sit and used food coloring and made our own mm fondant, dyed it orange and rolled it out to put on Nemo. We made the fins out of fondant. Also I used tooth picks to hold the fins till they dryed by the morning. The eyes are fondant with food coloring and teeth and fins I used icing to make the black and white stripes on Nemo. It took us 11 hours total but in the end we had a very happy 3 year old, glad to see a 10 layer Nemo on the tray for her 3rd birthday. It was hard but well worth it