Awesome Coors Light Birthday Cake

I am 16 years old and I made this Coors Light birthday cake for my older brother’s’ birthday. Mom said, “just make him a nice dessert,” but I was like “heck no!”

I have made it my job to create everyone in our family a birthday cake reflecting who they are. My brother has always been the picky type, so I couldn’t decide on that one thing that he really loved.

How I Made This Coors Light Birthday Cake

  • I wasn’t sure what to make so finally I starting by making two sheet cakes to work with.
  • Then, I just started cutting circles like a roll of candy or cola can… and then I was like “BOOM!” Coors Light.
  • Once I joined the circles to make the can, I was thinking that it was not near big enough, so  I took the other sheet cake, covered it in fondant, and cut a hole in the middle just big enough to put the can in.
  • Once I got the can in, I made the label out of fondant.
  • I painted and carved out the logo and mountains, and placed it over the can, tucking it down the sides of the hole in the cake.
  • After the can was in place and covered, I also painted on the mountains and logo on the background which was the other 9 by 13 sheet cake.

I think that the funnest thing that I did on the cake was the label for the can, even though it took me 45 minutes. Once it was done though, I was like… “Dang!” I never knew I could do this.

I have always been the cake guru in our family, and even though it was tons of work, I think it was one of the funnest cakes I have ever done. When I brought it out for my brother, he was shocked. I joked around and asked him if he knew what it was.  He was so happy that he jumped up and gave me a hug while everyone else stood around like CNN at the royal wedding, flashing pictures like they were going out of style. The way the whole family got excited about a cake was just awesome!