Cool Homemade Mug cakes

Mug cakes

This idea came up as soon as start thinking about birthday boy – he loves his printing on the mugs business and gardening. Each mug is an little individual cake, made in one style, but one is specially decorated. These cakes are filled up with chocolate moist and reach sponge, light raspberry mousse and black … Read more

Awesome Anti-Gravity Beer Mug Cake

Beer Mug Cake

My niece wanted to make a special cake for her boyfriend’s 21st birthday and she came to me to help her. I created this anti-gravity beer mug cake for her. I baked a round 9″ basic 2 layered vanilla cake then wrapped it in a white rolled out fondant I scored and colored with a … Read more

Coolest Champagne Bottle Cake

Coolest Champagne cake

I was asked to make a cake with a champagne bottle on the top for a ladies birthday. I  like to do the modelling myself so I started by making a model of a 1/2 bottle out of ricecrispies mixed with marshmallows, I modelled the bottle and covered with cling wrap and set aside in the … Read more

Awesome Taco Cake!

Awesom Taco Cake!

This taco cake was fun to make and not particularly difficult!  I baked a round cake, cut it in half and stacked with buttercream icing. Meanwhile, I tinted fondant a yellow/brown/orange to match the color of a corn tortilla.  I also added some Oreo cookie crumbs to the fondant to add to the corn tortilla … Read more

Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

Following a video tutorial on “How to Cake It,“ I baked a white cake in a large Pyrex measuring bowl and covered it with a buttercream crumb coat. I covered the cake with a tinted fondant to produce the bowl. I also covered the top with a thin layer of white fondant to provide a … Read more

Amazing Wine Bottle Cake for Mom’s 60th Birthday

Classy Wine Bottle Cake for a 60th Birthday

My Mom’s 60th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make her a special wine bottle cake.  My sister thought I should make something funny (a roll of toilet paper that read “You’re old as crap!  Here’s to wiping another year away”).  Besides the fact that my very conservative grandmother thought it was inappropriate … Read more

Coolest Chinese Food To Go Cake

Chinese Takeout Box Cake

I made this Chinese takeout box cake for an Asian Moon Festival event at work. (Where I work, we have potlucks with themes throughout the year. Basically, we like to snack at work, so we’ll find any reason to celebrate and eat.) This cake is very simple to make. Making the Chinese Takeout Box Cake … Read more

Coolest Homemade Burger Cake With Fondant Veggies

Coolest Homemade Burger Cake

Making the Birthday Burger Cake Here’s a burger cake I made for my daughter and her boyfriend’s birthdays (5 days apart). We were invited to their birthday/camping party at his parent’s house in the desert. I said I’d bring the cake. I worked on it over several days. First, I baked two 8 inch white … Read more

Cool Nacho Cake for an Anniversary

Nacho Cake

I had a great nacho cake idea of conquering up something for my parents anniversary cake! My family always expects me to make something super tasty and fun for parties. We always get nachos on every vacation at every restaurant, our guilty pleasure. The best part of this cake is no one actually thought it … Read more

Awesome Homemade Anti-Gravity M&Ms Cake

Coolest m&m cake

I made this cake because I wanted to create something fun and unique for my partner’s birthday. I really enjoyed making this cake and all the figures as everything is absolutely edible:) It is rainbow inside and when you cut it all M&M’s will fall out. It’s very colourful and what I think a birthday … Read more

Awesome Bushel of Crabs Cake

I wanted to make an old bay crab cake to take to a family cook out. The bushel basket was all cake covered with fondant. I made all the crabs out of fondant and dusted each one with red, orange and yellow petal dust.  I made the two ears of corn and the two mallets … Read more

Awesome Homemade Jumbo Donut Cake

Jumbo Donut Cake

My 12 year old daughter wanted her birthday cake to be a donut cake. One could choose to sculpt two 8 or 10″ round cakes into the shape of a donut but I chose to buy a donut-shaped cake pan set instead (so much easier!). I purchased the Entenmann’s brand “Jumbo Non-stick Donut Pan” which … Read more

Coolest Coke Anti Gravity Cake

Coke anti gravity cake

This was just a bored Sunday afternoon experiment. I had just enjoyed McDonald’s and thought up this anti gravity cake idea! Not knowing if it would work. But hey, it really worked! I completely cleaned and dried the large sized McDonald’s cup and lid. In addition, I whipped up a simple Victoria sponge cake in the oven! Once the … Read more

Awesome Spaghetti and Meatballs Italian Themed Cake

Spaghetti and meatballs Italian themed cake

I made this cake for my husband’ birthday last year. He is Italian and loves spaghetti so I thought it would be a perfect fit. The cake is a 3 layer 6″ cake covered in white fondant and then spray painted with Wilton silver color mist. The spaghetti is fonadant that I put through my … Read more

Cool Homemade Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake

Cool Homemade Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake

My husband and I always host Thanksgiving dinner for our very close friends and family. I love the tradition of having a cornucopia on my table. I normally make cornucopia using a horn-shaped bamboo basket with fresh fruits and dried corn, some fresh fall flowers, and some dried decorative squash. Since I love making cakes, not as a business … Read more

Awesome Burger Chips and Onion Rings Cake

Awesome Burger Chips and Onion Rings Cake

We made this cake by baking a round cake and splitting it, we covered it in brown icing, and painted it with a little brown blossom tint mixed with vodka, then with sugar paste we, made sesame seeds and dropped on. We we made lettuce tomatoes and red onion from fondant, used yellow icing for … Read more

Harvest Cake for Thanksgiving

Harvest Cake for Thanksgiving

This harvest cake was for my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I started watching Ace of Cakes and decided I would like to try my hand at decorating cakes for my family. I should have used Rice Krispy treats for the base for the pumpkins. I had no idea how heavy fondant could be. The top layer of … Read more

Coolest Stack O’ Pancakes Cake!

Coolest Stack O' Pancakes Cake!

My son asked for a cake that looks like pancakes. Challenge accepted! The cake is 4-layers of 6″ cakes. The ‘pancakes’ are tinted marshmallow fondant ‘rings’ stacked around the cake. I tried to make the rings a little messy to look like odd-shaped pancakes. The top pancake is entirely fondant. I painted the pancakes with … Read more

Giant Oreo Cake!

Giant Oreo Cake!

I made this giant Oreo cake for my daughter’s 10th birthday (her choice). It is a 3-layer cake (middle layer cut slightly smaller) frosted with chocolate buttercream tinted with some black gel. All of the details are marshmallow fondant tinted the same color. I shaped everything freehand and placed on the cake. The OREO letters … Read more

Pizza-licious Birthday Cake

Pizza-licious Birthday Cake

This cake was for my daughter’s 7th birthday and was remarkably simple in the end. I baked a plain vanilla sponge, to resemble pizza crust. I had planned to use two of my smaller tins and present them cut into pizza slices but was able to borrow a wide tin. The topping were simple. Tomato … Read more

Cool Watermelon Cake

Cool Watermelon Cake

I was taken aback when my friend called me and asked me whether I could make a Watermelon Cake. On enquiring why so a watermelon cake, she told me that her son loved watermelon. I was a bit nervous, but took it as a challenge. To start with I bought a watermelon to understand the … Read more

Cool Grey Goose Cake

Cool Grey Goose Cake

This cake was a custom order for a clients birthday. They requested the Grey Goose bottle as their cake! I started with baking a 9″x13″ cake, cut it length wise and stacked them with some buttercream in the middle. After a bit in the fridge I carved out the shape of the bottle, covered it … Read more

Awesome Hamburger Cake Idea

Awesome Hamburger Cake Idea

I decided to do Hamburger cake for my nephew as he  loves hamburgers, I wanted to make this burger. Big and I only had a day to get it all done. I baked the vanilla cake, and while it was cooking, I thought better get started on the decorations. I coloured all my fondant and decided to make … Read more

The Coolest Burger and Fries Cake

The Coolest Burger and Fries Cake

I made this burger and fries cake for my son’s birthday. I first made two round yellow cake for the bun and one chocolate round cake for the meat part of the cake. I then mixed food coloring into icing to get the right color for the bun, using a touch of brown and yellow. … Read more