Pretty Chiffon Koala Bear Cake

Pretty Chiffon Koala Bear Cake

Sharing a cute chiffon cake Koala Bear creation: Neapolitan chiffon cake filled with marshmallow surprise and then topped with a chiffon cake koala bear! I specialize in creative chiffon cakes and absolutely find joy in making adorable chiffon cakes that are fondant-free that delight people! This chiffon cake was made for my friend’s hubby, whose … Read more

Awesome Homemade Koala Cake

Homemade Koala Cake For Nicholas

I made a large slab of white cake and a couple of different shaped chocolate cakes. By cutting and piecing them together I was able to get the overall koala cake shape. I used store bought frosting (not great tasting, but easy to work with and time-saving!) which I tinted with brown food coloring. Working … Read more

Coolest Koala Bear Cake

Homemade Koala Bear Cake

I made this Koala Bear Cake a few years ago for a co-worker’s b-day. She heard about the strange cakes I’ve made in the past for friends and asked if I could make a Koala cake. As you can tell, I did not use any sort of pan, cut it free hand with a knife … Read more

Coolest Koala Cake

Homemade Koala Cake

I made this Koala Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Her favourite toy is her Koala which was bought by her grandparents after their trip to Australia. The cake is made up of two chocolate cakes and two small muffins. The recipe below is enough for this cake! You do need a very big bowl! … Read more