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Awesome Homemade Koala Cake

I made a large slab of white cake and a couple of different shaped chocolate cakes. By cutting and piecing them together I was able to get the overall koala cake shape.

I used store bought frosting (not great tasting, but easy to work with and time-saving!) which I tinted with brown food coloring. Working with a palette knife allowed me to tint and add texture as I went along. An illustration of a koala in a children’s book helped me with the cute expression…koalas don’t really smile like this!

7 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Koala Cake”

  1. It is my 50th Birthday shortly and I have always collected koalas. Do you have a template for this cake or could you explain how you put it together.

    Much appreciated if you could help

  2. I would love to have more details and recipe if you are still sending replies. My six year old granddaughter wants a koala cake for birthday this Sat. Great job. Tks

  3. Everyone, thanks for your comments. Just to clarify, there is no actual recipe. I simply baked a couple of plain cakes (one white cake in large oblong pan and 2 in circle tins) and then pieced it together over a template which I drew on a big piece of paper. I didn’t make an actual template, but I am sure you could make one if you needed to- Just draw an oval about the size of your largest cake pan, then draw a smaller circle on top for the head. Adding the ears, hand and foot, and trimming away to make the rounded back, is pretty simple. Good luck!


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