Baby Shower Cake to Match Invitations

Baby Shower Cake to Match Invitations

A co-worker asked me to make up a cake for her daughters baby shower… she brought in an invitation, and the ideas started flowing! I used the invitation for inspiration and went one step further, I did a leopard print on the inside as well (not shown). It was a big hit!

Coolest Snow Leopard Birthday Cake

This is my snow leopard birthday cake. My son spends hours playing at being a baby snow leopard so I have to have some babies on there as well. The leopard was molded out of icing and then after I drew on the spots I gave them a light spray lustre in silver to make them stand … Read more

My Leopard has the Blue’s Sweet 16 Cake

My Leopard has the Blue's Sweet 16 Cake

This is a three tier “Sweet 16” red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  This was a simple cake.  For the leopard print, I painted on icing with a paint brush. Then I piped black icing around all the irregular spots. I also put black icing in areas all over the cake. Each tier has … Read more

Coolest Homemade Leopard Cake

Coolest Leopard Cake Photos

This leopard cake was made for one of my twin boys’ as an individual cake for his safari theme birthday. The cake was first drawn by my husband and then a template was made. A cake was baked from the Wilson Animal Cracker pan and the template was used to cut the outline of the … Read more