Cute Homemade 3D Chocolate Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade Cat Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a Cat Birthday Cake for my friend Jessica. She loves them and of course everyone loves cake. To make this cake I baked 4 9″ cakes. To make the body I cut 2 of the circle cakes in half and laid them flat side down and frosted them together. To make … Read more

Coolest Ever Cat Cake

Cat Cake

My daughter loves Kittens and cakes. I got the idea for this cake from a children’s cake book. It was relatively easy. I made the cake from two 1 liter cake bowls. I shaped them together to make a ball. Everything went well until I started to roll the strands of wool. I just could … Read more

Coolest Kitten Cake

Homemade Kitten Cake

First off, this was the hardest cake I’ve ever made (but also the most rewarding). I wouldn’t recommend attempting it unless you already have some 3D cake experience under your belt and some confidence. It can be daunting when you’re trying to get things to stay together. My daughter really wanted a 3D kitten cake … Read more

Cat Birthday Cake # 6

I made this cat birthday cake with the football shaped pan for the body and the 1/2 sports ball pan and one mini loaf pan for the tail. Cut the tail length wise in half for the long tail. For the hair I used tip 234 and used butter cream icing. Cover the body with … Read more

Coolest Dog House Cake

Homemade Dog House Cake 2

We found this cute marzipan (almond paste) dog at a local chocolatier. The figure resembled our own family pet, so we had to find some way to use it. The idea for this dog house cake came from Wilton’s stand-up house pan. Although the directions say the pan is sized for a single cake mix, … Read more

Coolest Little Spotted Puppy Dog Cake

Homemade Little Spotted Puppy Dog Cake

I made this cute homemade little spotted puppy dog cake for my sons very first birthday. I was inspired by some of the puppy cakes found on this site but did my own little twist on it! It was easy to make and super yummy! He Loved it! I put him up on the table … Read more