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Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

This teddy bear cake is such a simple cake to make! My mum found the cake in a recipe magazine. It was my first cake to make for my son’s first birthday. The cake itself was just a basic sponge cake. The size I used was a 19cm round tin for the teddy face and then for the ears and nose I used a muffin tin with just a basic sponge mixture.

I placed the round cake on a cake board and then I molded the muffins just using a sharp knife to reflect ears and nose and positioned. Then I simply used butter icing all over the cake (including the ears & nose).

I then, all around the face, nose and ears (however leave the top of ears showing butter icing)covered the cake in Coco Pops (Choc rice bubbles). This bit was fiddly, however, well worth the effort as makes the cake. Then I used licorice, Large Choc buttons and smarties for the face features.

I really enjoyed making this cake! I highly recommend this cake to anyone to start off.

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  1. As a mum who’s husband does all of the cooking in our home, I was thrilled to come across this cake as it is so nice and easy, even a clutz in the kitchen like me can manage this for my son’s 7th birthday!

    Thank you!


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