Easy Peacock Cake You Can Make Last-Minute!

Easy Peacock Cake

Here’s how I made this last-minute easy Peacock cake. It was my niece’s sweet sixteen and I offered to make her cake. She has LOVED zebra and pink for as long as I can remember. I thought a couple of zebra stripes on a white cake with pink startips! Easy-peasy, right? Well, when I called … Read more

Bittersweet Peacock Farewell Cake

I made this peacock farewell cake for a special lady, a sweet friend at church who was moving away to be closer to her family. It had to be as beautiful and as graceful as she is. The cake itself is just a 3 tier white cake with buttercream icing . Be sure to put … Read more

Coolest Peacock Cake

Coolest Peacock Cake

This peacock cake is a favorite children’s cake-chocolate cake. It is made of 4 peel and chocolate creme. Every crust is made from 5 eggs, 5 spoons sugar 5 spoons flour, a little baking powder and 3 tablespoons grated chocolate. Creme is made from butter, chocolate, milk and powdered sugar. The Peacock and feathers are made of … Read more

Coolest Peacock Birthday Cake

Homemade Peacock Birthday Cake

I made this Peacock birthday cake for my daughter for her 24th birthday. She is a September baby and I wanted something with the sapphire color in it since it is her birth stone. The body of the peacock is made of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant. I used various shades of blue, … Read more