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Easy Peacock Cake You Can Make Last-Minute!

Here’s how I made this last-minute easy Peacock cake. It was my niece’s sweet sixteen and I offered to make her cake. She has LOVED zebra and pink for as long as I can remember. I thought a couple of zebra stripes on a white cake with pink startips! Easy-peasy, right? Well, when I called her mom to confirm that’s what she would like, I was informed that she just switched her taste to purple and teal… wait for it… peacocks! What? Zebra stripes… no problem. Peacocks, you’re kidding right?

Anyway, I offered to do this in the evening and her party was the next day at 5 pm. I have 4 very small children and this was a challenge. The only peacock cake I ever saw was on this site and WAY out of my league! I also don’t do fondant. And I live 1/2 hour from any stores that even carry cake deco supplies. So I dragged my four kids to the local grocery for supplies and came out with dark chocolate mint M&M’s and blueberries.

I had seen other people shape hard-to-make figures out of homemade rice krispie treats…so I decided to give it a whirl! One box choco cake mix. One can premade icing (for the crumb layer) and a batch of krispy treats. I baked the cake in two size oven proof bowls. I used the largest and the smallest. Froze the cakes for 1/2 hour. Cut the bottoms so they lay flat.

Shaped the warm rice krispie treats into a bird (at first it looked like a chicken) so then I grabbed a t-shirt in my closet with a peacock on it and started shaping. Put it in the fridge for a few minutes to harden.

I did make a 1/2 Crisco 1/2 butter cream homemade icing (recipes all over online) and colored it with Wilton colors. (I had to mix green and blue to make teal) So then I used the smallest star-tip to frost the peacock and put it in the fridge to harden. It came out beautifully!

My 5 year old daughter helped me put on the blueberries and M&M’s. I added the feathers down the side when I realized how well the krispies stuck to the icing! Then, I added all the little white pearls (you know the sprinkles from the baking aisle) for an added beautiful touch!

I used blue toothpicks cut very short and a dot of icing and a pearl for the feathers on the peacocks head. I was very happy with how it turned out. Really only took 3 hours to do.

This easy peacock cake project SOLD me on rice krispie treats!  I love odd shapes and it’s lightweight, it holds frosting well, and it sticks in the oddest shapes! I will certainly do more with rice krispies!

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