Cool Homemade Elvis Birthday Cake

Cool Elvis Cake

I made this Elvis Cake for a 65th birthday. Elvis is hand made completely made out of fondant so he is totally edible!  The record on the top of the cake is the favourite song of the birthday boy.  The cake is a 2 tier cake made out of chocolate cake, and filled and covered … Read more

Elvis Birthday Cake

Elvis Birthday Cake

I went through a huge Elvis phase when I was younger, around age 12.  So when I was asked to make an Elvis cake I was looking forward to it! Elvis is a FBCT (Frozen ButterCream Transfer).  I googled Elvis pictures (for cartoon characters I search for coloring pages) and printed the one I liked … Read more

Coolest Elvis Cake

Coolest Elvis Cake Photos and Tips

I made this cake for my best friends 50th Birthday! She is nuts about Elvis so the theme was Blue Hawaii. The Elvis and motorcycle was a magnet to which I hot glued a cut out picture of my friend. The pink car was a Christmas ornament, the gates I cut out of a postcard … Read more

Coolest Elvis Cake

Homemade Elvis Cake

This Elvis Cake I made for a friend’s mother who loves Elvis. She absolutely loved it. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out also. I baked a two mix chocolate cake and crumb coated with with buttercream. I cut a strip of fondant and sugar glued it around the side of the … Read more

Cool Homemade Elvis Cake

Homemade Elvis Cake

I made this Elvis Cake just to try my hand at another view of decorating. I was giving the idea from my Mom, who at the time had other plans for this cake idea.

Coolest Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

Homemade Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

I made this Elvis Presley Birthday Cake for an Elvis Birthday Party I had. Everyone loved it so much. I hope I can share with everyone who hasn’t seen it. I’ve always wanted to get a picture of one of my cakes on here so the whole world could see it. I started with 1/4 … Read more

Coolest Elvis Birthday Cake

Homemade Elvis Birthday Cake

My daughter Jenni graduated from UGA in December. While she searched for a job in her field, family financial planning, she started making cakes. She made the first ones with no classes, then took three Wilton cake decorating classes at Michaels. Before she even finished the classes, she had surpassed them with her designs. Here … Read more

Simple DIY Elvis Cake

Homemade Elvis Cake

I looked everywhere on the internet to find an Elvis cake someone had made and I didn’t find much. I drew this picture myself and made my own for this Elvis fan. Its a 9×13 white cake with buttercream frosting. I used a red can of spray over the top and flicked powdered sugar on … Read more