Amazing Joker 50th Birthday Cake

The Joker 50th Birthday Cake

This was one of my favorite cakes I sculpted this year! My client was surprising his brother for his 50th birthday and asked if I could sculpt his favorite version of the Joker with the saying Its no joke turning 50 in caption bubble. I was super excited.The joker is completely cake sculpted from three … Read more

Coolest Joker Birthday Cake

Homemade Joker Birthday Cake

I made this Joker Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 16th birthday. He loved the movie “The Dark Knight” so much that he dressed like the Joker for Halloween (and he looked a lot like the actual character in the movie). I took a layer of sheet cake and carved him out the best way I … Read more

Coolest Dark Knight Joker Cake

Homemade Dark Knight Joker Cake

My son loves the Joker. For this Dark Knight Joker Cake I used red gel for mouth. I traced the Batman shape onto the cake for pattern. I added a couple of Batman characters and bought sprinkles at Halloween time that had Bats in it and dark purple/green sprinkles. It was big hit at the … Read more

Coolest Joker Cake

Joker Cake

I made this Joker cake for a 21st birthday party. It’s from the Dark Knight movie that starred Heath Ledger. I baked two 9″ rounds for this project. I covered both with buttercream icing and then used fondant to sculpt the features of the face including nose, chin, lips, eyes and eyebrows. I rolled out … Read more

Coolest Joker from Batman Cake

Homemade Joker from Batman Cake

If someone wants a Joker for a cake, well now you got it! This joker cake is extremely easy to make, and also very quick. First, you bake two eight inch round cakes. Second, you cut the top of each cake off. Third, you put a thin layer of icing in the middle of the … Read more