Coolest Joker from Batman Cake

If someone wants a Joker for a cake, well now you got it! This joker cake is extremely easy to make, and also very quick.

First, you bake two eight inch round cakes. Second, you cut the top of each cake off. Third, you put a thin layer of icing in the middle of the cakes so they will stick together, and also not be very dry when the receiver takes a bite.

Fourth, you frost the cake white, then you make the Joker with a toothpick. Finally you make green frosting and make his hair and the question marks all over the cake. Outline the Joker with a color of frosting that is a little darker than white so you can see his face. Make sure that the Joker has a big smile, because the Joker always smiles. And TADA!! You have a Joker cake.

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