Coolest Joker Cake

I made this Joker cake for a 21st birthday party. It’s from the Dark Knight movie that starred Heath Ledger.

I baked two 9″ rounds for this project. I covered both with buttercream icing and then used fondant to sculpt the features of the face including nose, chin, lips, eyes and eyebrows.

I rolled out fondant and covered the cake. I then smoothed over the icing which adapted very well to the sculpted features underneath. Then I hand painted the cake starting with the eyes. I used Wilton colorings and a small paintbrush to get the desired effect.

For the small areas on his face that look like cross-hatching I used a dry brush technique. The lips are painted with red and shadowed with black.

I used a large board for this cake to make room for his famous quote “why so serious” which was fingerpainted in red buttercream. The joker cards are non-edible.

8 thoughts on “Coolest Joker Cake”

  1. this is so amazing i actually thought it was a picture stuck on top at first, then i realized you hand painted it??!! this is so awesome, i cant believe how lifelike it is. and i love the film, so its great all round for me!well done x

  2. yeah I agree with the above comment. I actually had a request for a cake like this. and had planned to do it exactly this way, only I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out.

  3. This looks horribly great! I have had a request for a cake like this, so I’m searching for ideas. Did you thin the color pastes at all before you painted them on? I was wondering if they tasted okay full-strength on the cake. If you get this, I’d love feedback.

  4. this is the coolest cake i ever seen seriously…. WOW DUDE that cake is awesome… makes me want the same cake for my birthday!!!

  5. Hi my name is Jesy and I have been searching high and low for a Joker birthday cake for my boyfriend’s birthday. I came upon yours and was amazed! I need your help and would like you to make that same exact cake for me. ‘Please I seriously need your help !

  6. It would have looked 10 times better if you covered the board in black and cut out red fondant letters and painted the letters bloody. It would have made the cake POP more. Overall lovely job!


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