3D Nemo Birthday Cake

3D nemo cake

This was my first attempt at a 3D cake, and my first attempt in working with Marshmallow fondant. I was inspired by the cakes I saw on this site, and decided I would try my hand at it. I, like many others, started with the Wilton 3d Egg cake mold. I used the Wilton concentrated … Read more

Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Nemo Birthday Cake Idea

My daughter loves Nemo so for her 2nd birthday, I decided to make a Nemo Birthday Cake Idea for her. I bought two cake mixes and made them in a 1/2 sheet cake pan. Then I iced it with blue buttercream icing. I found a coloring page on the internet and enlarged and cut it … Read more

Coolest Nemo Cake

Nemo Cake

I covered the Nemo cake board with blue coloured fondant which I coloured myself and then placed the cake on top. I used a football shaped cake tin which I hired from the cake shop and filled using 2 cake mixes. I used 500ml of dream whip which was more than enough once whipped, leaving … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Cakes and How-To Tips 4

For my daughter’s first Birthday, I wanted to make her a cut-out cake of my own design somewhat, but of something she would recognize, and like. We recently set up a salt-water fish aquarium, and her fish? A clown. She calls him “MO” (her best rendition of “NEMO” we presume). So what better than a … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 9

This cake was a big hit. It was a chocolate cake with a mousse filling. I did enlarge a Finding Nemo Picture I found on the Web and cut the cake according to the Finding Nemo picture for the shape. The icing was all buttercream!

Coolest Homemade Finding Nemo Cake Ideas 3

This is my original Nemo cake design. The base is a large sheet cake (13″ x 18″) made of two cake mixes (in this case devils food on one side and yellow on the other for variety.) I completely frosted the bottom cake first with homemade buttercream frosting. The sides are royal blue; the top … Read more

Finding Nemo Cake

Finding Nemo Cake

I made this Finding Nemo cake for my daughter’s first birthday. My oven wasn’t working so I couldn’t bake her cake but I was determined to do her a special cake. I bought 2 round sponge cakes and cut bits off and around to get the shape(its the cartoon version cos it was easier for … Read more

Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Nemo Birthday Cake Idea

I used to make special birthday cakes for my three children when they were growing up. My son remembers the cakes fondly and told his wife that he wanted his son to have that experience. My daughter-in-law asked me to continue the tradition by making her son’s birthday cakes. Last year, I made a monkey … Read more

Creative Finding Nemo Cake

Finidng Nemo Cake

I used the buttercream transfer idea from Kellie A. on this website (Toy Story Cake)for this Finding Nemo Cake. I made the Finding Nemo characters by tightly pulling plastic wrap over a coloring book page. I outlined the picture with black icing and put it in the freezer to set. Then I used thinned out … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Cakes and How-To Tips 5

For my daughters second birthday, we had a Finding Nemo party, and I wanted her to have a special cake! I got the idea for this cake from another cake on this website. So many great tips on here! And through making this cake, I learned a few of my own. I used two cake … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 10

I used a square pan to make the fish tank and had the figures that we had collected. Nemo was made with a football pan and then placed on top. I drew the lines and the tail with piping gel and filled it in using the star tip. The water color was made with some … Read more

Coolest Homemade Finding Nemo Cake Ideas 4

I started with a 9×13 cake and after enlarging the image from the Mylar balloon I cut it out and laid it on top of the cake to form a Nemo cake. Then with a toothpick I outlined Nemo. Because her birthday is in October I was able to purchase a package of M&Ms that … Read more