Coolest Homemade Squirt Birthday Cake

Coolest Homemade Squirt Birthday Cake

As my son loves turtles and I love Disney, I chose Squirt as a cake for his 6th birthday. I used a ball-pan to get the shape of the shell and two muffins to build the head. First I colored some fondant blue and then I kneaded it together with some white fondant until it … Read more

Coolest Squirt 3D Turtle Cake

Homemade Squirt 3D Turtle Cake

This Squirt 3D Turtle Cake was made for a 20 year old girl who had wanted a “Squirt” cake ever since the movie came out. I wanted him to have a bit more “movement” than other similar cakes so I decided to make the two main cakes (the head and the shell) on cake boards … Read more

Coolest Squirt from Finding Nemo Cake

Homemade Squirt from Finding Nemo Cake

My sister’s personal trainer asked me to make this Squirt cake for his girlfriend who loves turtles and Finding Nemo. I used a sheet cake to make the pieces and held them together with toothpicks. I frosted the entire cake with a powdered sugar frosting as the base coat and then added the rest of … Read more

Coolest Squirt Cake from Finding Nemo

Coolest Cartoon Birthday Cake Ideas on the Web's Largest Homemade Cake Gallery

Here’s our Squirt cartoon birthday cake. We found a picture of Squirt the turtle from Finding Nemo on the internet. We printed off the picture and resized it to fit the cake. We then traced the picture on waxed paper and outlined it on the back side with gel icing. We transferred the picture onto … Read more