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Coolest Homemade Squirt Birthday Cake

As my son loves turtles and I love Disney, I chose Squirt as a cake for his 6th birthday. I used a ball-pan to get the shape of the shell and two muffins to build the head. First I colored some fondant blue and then I kneaded it together with some white fondant until it looked marbled. That was put on the plate as an ocean.

The cake was covered with buttercream and then with one layer of tan fondant which I shoved under the cake too so it resembled the bottom of the turtle. I put another layer in reddish-brown on top of it which was folded to the inside and curled up a bit so it looked like a real shell. Then I cut the flappers and covered them with some odd-shaped dots. They went on top of the plate and on top of that came the shell. With a veiner, I carved the lines on the shell and I added some red fondant flowers which I colored with some edible iridescent yellow dust.

The head was quite difficult and I used two muffins stuck together and lots of buttercream and fondant. I created some kind of ball stuck the eyes onto it and covered it all with a thick stripe of green fondant. Then it took me ages to sculpt all the details at the eyes and cut the mouth which got another piece of black fondant on the inside. The head also got some brown dots and the eyes got brown and black pupils. I shoved the head under the shell and finally added some brown sugar as some kind of sand on the plate.

The cake was a huge success – it’s one of my favorite cakes and my boy and our guests really loved it!