Coolest Alex the Lion from Madagascar Cake

Homemade Alex the Lion from Madagascar Cake

Love using this site for ideas! I was looking for a Madagascar cake. I needed something simple. I was trying to make all the figures and found I wasn’t so good at it but did get Alex out of Marzipan. That turned into Alex on the wall of the Zoo. The Alex the Lion from … Read more

Coolest Alex the Lion Cake

Homemade Alex the Lion Cake

I made one 9×9 square cake, cut off 1 corner. I frosted with light yellow frosting, (first I sketched in the frosting with a toothpick) drew face with dark chocolate frosting and cake tip. Then I used a couple different paint brushes to add the brown coloring on the head and mane. this homemade Alex … Read more

Cool Homemade Alex the Lion Cake from Madagascar

Coolest Alex the Lion Madagascar Animal Birthday Cake Photos and How-to Tips

My niece said she wanted either Alex or Marty on her Madagascar animal cake. She didn’t want chocolate, and because it takes entirely too much color to make black icing from white, we went with Alex., I turned on the DVD Madagascar and watched it until I found a pose that I thought I could … Read more