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Cool Homemade Alex the Lion Cake from Madagascar

My niece said she wanted either Alex or Marty on her Madagascar animal cake. She didn’t want chocolate, and because it takes entirely too much color to make black icing from white, we went with Alex., I turned on the DVD Madagascar and watched it until I found a pose that I thought I could freehand of Alex. I paused the movie and sketched it onto a sheet of wax paper.

After icing the cake with buttercream icing (and letting it set about 10-15 minutes so the top of the icing could harden a little), I traced my sketch on the wax paper with white decorating gel. I then placed the wax paper icing down onto the cake and gently brushed along the design (to make an outline on the cake). Then I removed the wax paper carefully and just traced the outline with the brown icing.

I used the Wilton grass tip to draw on his mane, starting with the longest hair and working my way in. It turned out really great. My test of judgment is making my son (who’s 2) come into the kitchen when I’m finished and tell me who’s on the cake. If he can tell me who it is then I think I’ve done an okay job!

Another Alex the Lion Cake

Cake by Aimee S., Bloomsburg, PA

Alex the Lion Madagascar Animal Cake Photo

I make cakes mostly for family birthdays and close friends only. When I got the invite for my nephew’s party, I gasped. Knowing that there was no pan for a Madagascar animal cake, I wasn’t sure what I would do. I found a circus lion made out of the Wilton Petal Pan. I figured, why not?

I freehanded the face and made a stencil for the outline. The detail was all freehand with icing. The mane? For that, I started at the bottom, I striped the bag to give it a 3-d effect, and made the strokes shorter as I went. The strokes off the sides of the cake need to be short, otherwise, you will end up with 3 inches of icing on the side of each piece!

It’s not my favorite, but it was fun! The best part, my nephew loved it!

Alex the Lion Madagascar Animal Cake Photo

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