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Coolest Alex the Lion from Madagascar Cake

Love using this site for ideas! I was looking for a Madagascar cake. I needed something simple.

I was trying to make all the figures and found I wasn’t so good at it but did get Alex out of Marzipan. That turned into Alex on the wall of the Zoo.

The Alex the Lion from Madagascar Cake is easy, just a pan circle cake. The center cut out a little to give the edge of the wall and frosted with buttercream. The brick is fondant rolled very thin then painted with gel coloring and using the edge of the paint brush after the paint was applied to make the lines for the brick.

The concrete top is gel frosting, it’s a hard sugar frosting. Made them ahead of time using the cake pan upside down. The post were over blocks covered in wrap. Then set out to harden.

I only do cakes once a year, so this isn’t something have a lot of experience in and this one was very easy pretty much did the cake in less than an hour the morning of the party.

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