Coolest Alex the Lion from Madagascar Cake

Homemade Alex the Lion from Madagascar Cake

Love using this site for ideas! I was looking for a Madagascar cake. I needed something simple. I was trying to make all the figures and found I wasn’t so good at it but did get Alex out of Marzipan. That turned into Alex on the wall of the Zoo. The Alex the Lion from … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 5

This Madagascar cake I had actually whipped up a couple hrs before my sons 5th birthday party. With having 4 thin regular cakes already cooled started separating icing for the different colors I had to dye with food coloring, stacked 2 and a half layers in 3 diff colors, used the other halves to place … Read more

Coolest Alex the Lion Cake

Homemade Alex the Lion Cake

I made one 9×9 square cake, cut off 1 corner. I frosted with light yellow frosting, (first I sketched in the frosting with a toothpick) drew face with dark chocolate frosting and cake tip. Then I used a couple different paint brushes to add the brown coloring on the head and mane. this homemade Alex … Read more

Coolest Moto Moto Cake

Homemade Moto Moto Cake

My son really loved Moto Moto from Madagascar 2. So I thought that it would be pretty simple to make him a Moto Moto cake for his 3rd birthday. I made 2 round cakes and cut out a slice off the side and then the ears to make the face shape. I then frosted the … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Cake

Homemade Madagascar Cake

For my daughter’s 3rd Birthday she wanted a Madagascar party. After looking through the beautiful cakes on this site I combined a couple of different ideas. The bottom tier is a single 12 inch marble cake with butter cream frosting. The second tier and the small third tier are both devil’s food cake with butter … Read more

Coolest King Julian Lemur Cake

Homemade King Julian Lemur Cake

When my daughter turned 4 she was into ‘Madagascar Escape to Africa’, especially King Julian so I thought I’d make a Homemade King Julian Lemur Cake. It turned into a huge job, I’ll never again make a cake with arms! Actually, it only took 2 square cakes and 1 round cake (for the tail). I … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake

Homemade Madagascar Birthday Cake

My son loves the Madagascar movie characters and so it was a clear choice when his birthday came. I searched for readily available decorated cakes but could not find one that would really capture his heart. So I decided to embark on my own Madagascar Birthday Cake. The cake was a basic vanilla cake frosted … Read more