Coolest Ninja Turtle Michelangelo Cake

Homemade Ninja Turtle Michelangelo Cake

I cut out the shape using a Ninja Turtle stencil and a Wilton’s 12″ round pan. After crumb coating the shaped caked I mixed up green, orange, red, and black frosting using butter cream and Wilton’s frosting colorings. This Ninja Turtle Michelangelo Cake was for a little boy’s birthday, and both he and his sister … Read more

Coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake Photos and Tips 8

We just made an 8 inch round cake and iced it with buttercream incing. For the face we took the teenage mutant ninja turtles face off of the box the toy comes in and wrapped it with plastic wrap. We then took gel icing and traced the plastic covered face and stamped the face on … Read more

Coolest LeonardoTMNT Cake

Leonardo Cake

I must admit that a lot of the inspiration for this Leonardo TMTN cake came from the lovely people who had already submitted their photos to this site! I’m not sure I can add any more decorating techniques that haven’t already been mentioned. One that I will give though, is that I used ‘milk bottle’ … Read more

Cool Homemade Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake

Homemade Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake

My youngest son Peter, is a Ninja Turtle fan so I had to make a Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake for him for his 5th birthday party at school. This is a simple homemade chocolate cake base covered up with ” chocopan” colored paste and some creativity and love.

Coolest TMNT Cake


For my son’s 5th birthday day he wanted a Ninja Turtle cake so I got to looking online for an original cake to make my own for him. I didn’t find one so I decided to come up with TMNT cake. I made a classic white cake and doubled the recipe. I then made it … Read more

Coolest TMNT Birthday Cake

Homemade TMNT Birthday Cake

My boyfriend’s son has become a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For his 3rd birthday I decided I was going to make him a TMNT birthday cake, since everyday his favourite character changes I decided to use the image of all 4 turtles. To make the cake I used a 12″ cake … Read more

Coolest Donatello Cake

Homemade Donatello Cake

The Donatello cake is made out of 2, 1.5 liter bowl cakes then cut away to shape the head. Some of the cut offs are used to build up the nose and eyebrows. The cake is covered in butter cream and rolled fondant coloured with gel colours. The mask, mouth and eyes are cut out … Read more

Coolest Leonardo Ninja Turtle Cake

Homemade Leonardo Ninja Turtle Cake

First I baked two cakes and joined them together then I traced Leonardo and made a stencil and cut the cake making the details on the cake with a knife. I made Vienna cream and filled the parts according to color and outlined the line that I carved with the knife with black icing.

Coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake Photos and Tips 11

My son loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, especially Leonardo, so I created this Ninja Turtles cake for his 5th birthday party. I used two 9 X 13 cake layers, filled with pudding. I frosted the whole cake using butter cream frosting, then traced the outline of my sons turtle mask onto the top using … Read more