Cool DIY Pikachu Birthday Cake

Cool DIY Pikachu Birthday Cake

My niece asked for a Pokémon cake for her 6th birthday, so I sat down with her and looked at several pictures of cakes to get an idea for what she wanted on it. Two things stood out, Pikachu, and Pokeballs. I decided to try making Pokeball cake pops, which didn’t turn out very pretty, but … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Birthday Cake

Coolest Pokemon Birthday Cake

My son was turning 10 and decided he wanted a Pokemon birthday cake with 10 figurines. For 3, he wanted toys and for the other 7 he wanted fondant. He also wanted mountains, water and woods. Pokemon Birthday Cake Details I decided to make a 4 layer 2 tier cake in his favorite flavors (strawberry cheesecake flavored cake … Read more

Cool Pokemon Pikachu Cake

Cool Pokemon Pikachu Cake

For this Pokemon Pikachu cake I baked an eight inch Milo cake from cut it into thirds. I reversed the filling and covering, so the filling was Milo Ganache and the covering Condensed Milk buttercream which I tinted sky blue. I made the puffy fondant clouds using a cutter from Not Just Cakes by … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Friends Cake

This Pokemon cake was for a friend’s birthday. He loves to play Pokemon video games, so I asked his friends who some of his favorite characters were (I know Mario is not a Pokemon, but it was one his favorites too), and made all of them out of sugar dough. They took a long time … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Cake

Pokemon - Pikachu Cake

My son wanted a Pokemon cake for his 7th birthday. I printed off a picture of the Pikachu trio and made a royal icing plaque. To make the plaque, I put the picture under a piece of parchment paper and loosely taped it down on a cookie sheet. Pipe/trace the picture with thinned royal icing. … Read more

Cool Homemade Pikachu Cake Design

Homemade Pikachu Cake Design

This Pikachu Cake Design was my son’s 9th birthday cake. Pikachu was chosen as he is mad on Pokemon. Once again I used a large roasting tin to make this cake. Drew my template of Pikachu onto a piece of paper the same size as the tin. Then cut the cake once it was cool. … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

This is a great method but you need to have some fridge or freezer space available to do it. To make this Pokemom cake I used a technique my sister had learned from someone else. Using a cutting board as a firm base I taped a computer print out picture of this 9-Tales character (remember … Read more

Coolest Bublbasaur Cake

Bulbasaur Cake

I got my inspiration in this website! I downloaded an image on the internet and enlarged it to the size I wanted. I printed the body and bulb on separate a4 pages. I made a large rectangle sponge and put the picture on top cutting around it. I used the off cuts to make the … Read more

Coolest Pikachu Birthday Cake

Homemade Pikachu Birthday Cake

My niece asked me for a Pikachu Birthday Cake to celebrate her 10th birthday. Being the ‘really cool aunt’, this was a challenge that I welcomed! For the body, I used the bowl for my Kitchen-Aid mixer and two cake mixes, then a 4 quart glass bowl with one cake mix. Baked each for just … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

This Pikachu cake was made for my daughters 7th Pokemon birthday party. I baked two double layered chocolate cakes using one round pan and one square pan. I used 1/2 of the round cake for Pikachu’s head and the other 1/2 for the bottom. And 1/2 of the squire cake was used for the middle … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Pichu Birthday Cake

Homemade Pokemon Pichu Birthday Cake

My son wanted to have a Pokemon party so I started looking for a cake. I decided to give it a try myself. I took a picture of his favorite character and enlarged the size to fit inside my cake pan. I had to do half first and then the other half, because of the … Read more

Cool Homemade Pikachu Cake

Homemade Pikachu Cake

I made this Pikachu Cake for my sister in law’s birthday because she loves Pikachu. I used a stuffed animal of hers for reference. I baked a dense pound cake in a stand up Bear pan. The best recipe I have found is: 1 box of cake mix 1 package of coordinating pudding mix 4 … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Cake Photos and How-To Tips 4

I made this Pokemon cake for my sons 7th Birthday last year. He is a complete Pokemon nut and he favors Pikachu. I baked a store bought mix in a 9×13 pan and frosted it regular store bought frosting. I used the plate as inspiration for the design and I drew it in the frosting … Read more

Coolest Pikachu Cake

Pikachu Cake

This Pikachu cake was made for my son’s 8th birthday. I first baked 2 cakes in bowls for the rounded parts then 4 more flat rounds for the height. The hands and feet are made from Twinkies that were cut in half. I used red fruit roll ups for the cheeks and mouth then drew … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Pokeball Birthday Cake

Homemade Pokemon Pokeball Birthday Cake

Seeing as how my oldest son is the Pokemaster of our street, a Pokemon Pokeball birthday cake seemed fitting! The ball part of the cake is red-velvet baked in a soccer ball cake pan. One boxed cake mix takes about 50 mins. at 350*F in this pan. I then crumb coated it in a thin … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Ball Cake

Pokemon Ball Cake

I made this Pokemon ball cake for my son’s birthday, who likes Pokemon, and of course, when you are looking for a special theme you’re not able to find it, so I got one of his Pokemon toys and found a ball. The cake was half vanilla, and half chocolate, I put it together with … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Birthday Cake

Homemade Pokemon Birthday Cake

My son asked for a Pokemon party for his 6th birthday. So I browsed around the web at all the different cakes, and then combined the various pieces I liked to come up with my design of this Homemade Pokemon Birthday Cake. I started by making my fondant about 5 days before the party to … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Cake Photos and How-To Tips 6

Well this was a HUGE cake I made for work. (it was for Pokemon’s birthday) and it fed about 150 Pokemon fans. Its made up of about three 16in. cakes. I used 9 boxes of cake mix and a simple powdered sugar frosting.

Coolestg Pokemon Pikachu Cake

Homemade Pokemon Pikachu Cake

This Pokemon Pikachu cake is two layers of chocolate cake mix baked in 8inx10in pan. First layer just frosted with dyed blue cream cheese frosting, second layer we used a picture out of my son’s coloring book and free cut it out once was already on top of first layer . Then we added yellow … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Pokeball Cake

Homemade Pokemon Pokeball Cake

My son turned 9 and wanted a very cool Pokemon cake. So, I decided to create a Pokemon Pokeball Cake for him. I did a large round cake, iced it, and then covered the whole thing with white fondant. I took food spray (Duff Goldman’s version) and taped plastic wrap over the side I wanted … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Cake Photos and How-To Tips 7

For my son, Harrisons, 8th birthday, he wanted a Bagon cake. A Bagon is not easy to find, so I went through many books, internet sites to find a good picture of him. I then printed an enlarged copy from my printer, (4 pages to cut and paste together to form a large print). I … Read more

Cool Homemade Pokemon Characters Cake

Homemade Pokemon Cake

This Pokemon cake was for my son’s 8th birthday. The cake is a lemon cake, made with 2 boxes of store bought cake mix in an aluminum sheet cake pan. The design came from his pajama top – he wanted all 3 Diamond & Pearl starter Pokemon plus Pikachu. The icing is all store bought … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Gang Cake

Homemade Pokemon Gang Cake

The Pokemon gang cake was made for my son’s 8th birthday. He has so many favorite Pokemon characters that he couldn’t choose just one. I told him I’d surprise him and this is what I came up with. The cake was lemon (his favourite) with a butter cream icing. I drew the picture with black … Read more