My son was turning 10 and decided he wanted a Pokemon birthday cake with 10 figurines. For 3, he wanted toys and for the other 7 he wanted fondant. He also wanted mountains, water and woods.

Pokemon Birthday Cake Details

  • I decided to make a 4 layer 2 tier cake in his favorite flavors (strawberry cheesecake flavored cake and lime cake).
  • I made 3D trees and rocks by hand, as well as mountains and water as a waterfall.
  • In addition to the fondant figures, I also decided to surprise him with all the Pokemon balls… which was not easy with all the help I got from him during the planning and decorating stages. I was able to sculpt them after he went to bed and snuck them on the cake when I knew he wouldn’t notice. He had to have SOME surprise. Right?
  • Before sculpting each creature, I first sketched them to help me decide which shapes and colors to begin with. Most were easier than I thought they would be, but a few gave me a little trouble. I thought most turned out pretty similar to the originals though. He certainly thought so.

We did not host a traditional birthday party. Instead we decided to go to Disney for 4 days. We brought the cake with us and thankfully it fit perfectly in the mini fridge in our room.

The night of his birthday we went down to the pool deck and simply invited some of the children to join us for cake. It was a big hit. Everyone either wanted a figurine or a pokeball. Parents and children alike seemed quite impressed, but my son was absolutely beaming with pride as he helped with most aspects. He was also quite surprised and happy about all the surprise balls. It was definitely worth every hour I put into it…which was many. LOL!