Coolest Jessie Toy Story Cake

Homemade Jessie Toy Story Cake

My friend’s daughter wanted nothing else for her third birthday except a Jessie Toy Story Cake and this is what I came up with. I baked a white choc mud rectangle cake then cut out the shape of Jessie’s face. I then covered the cake in ganache and then fondant, first the skin colour, then … Read more

Coolest Jessie from Toy Story Cake

Homemade Jessie from Toy Story Cake

I actually got the idea and the picture source for this Homemade Jessie from Toy Story Cake from another submitter on this website. She inspired me to make this Jessie cake. My 3 year old girl loved the Jessie, Buzz and Woody cake on this website. But as a first timer I decided to just … Read more

Coolest Jessie Cupcake Cake

Homemade Jessie Cupcake Cake

My daughter is really into Toy Story, and Jessie, in particular right now – so for her 5th birthday, we wanted something easy and unique for our guests. So, we came up with cupcakes – no cutlery required! I bought an inexpensive red hat at a party store, and cut off the brim. Then, I … Read more