Coolest Jessie from Toy Story Cake

I actually got the idea and the picture source for this Homemade Jessie from Toy Story Cake from another submitter on this website. She inspired me to make this Jessie cake. My 3 year old girl loved the Jessie, Buzz and Woody cake on this website. But as a first timer I decided to just paint Jessie and then buy Woody and Buzz figurines to complete the rest.

I used a yellow cake recipe to make 2 layer cake with a 20cm pan because I only have a very small 24cm oven. I decided to use white chocolate frosting because the 3 year old kids love chocolate taste. I added 2 tsp of gelatin into the chocolate liquid to make it hold better.

Then the trouble is how to draw on it. I don’t like butter cream so I tried mixing glucose with icing color and freeze it hoping to transfer the Jessie onto the cake but it just refused to freeze. I think that’s because my freezer’s lowest temperature isn’t low enough to freeze glucose or corn syrup.

So I decided to use whipped cream (added gelatin as well) for drawing Jessie. I put the Jessie (fun coloring) paper sheet on top on the cooled chocolate frosting and toothpick tracing the lines. Then I mixed the whipped cream with different color tones and started to paint fill the colors. One tip is that I did not use any parchment cones etc. I only used paint brushes (for filling bigger area) and most of the time I had to use the skin care tool – a stainless steel long needle that I use to poke my black holes on my nose. Of course I bought a new one for this purpose. I used the needle to dip the cream and put it on to the cake to fill in the colors. Had to turn on the air conditioner to slow the chocolate and cream melting. Also had to break down the painting into a few times and put the cake and cream back into the fridge and freezer a few times. Note that the whipped cream cannot be frozen for too long, 15 minutes will do. Also note that you should start with white first and then the other lighter colors. The final step is to use the needle to dip and trace the black lines.

The name writing is the second last step and I also had to use the needle to do it. The last step is to add the green border. I used the paint brush this time as I was running out of time (it was about 30 minutes before the party start). That worked out great as I could finish the border in 5 minutes.

Thanks for the inspiration from other cake makers on this website!

Homemade Jessie from Toy Story Cake

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