Cool Hobbit House Cake

My niece really wanted a Hobbit House cake for her birthday.  So, I started by looking at good ol’ Pinterest for inspiration.  Then, I got started my design. I worked on making fondant and buttercream about five days before I was going to decorate.  I needed several colors of fondant to make my figures and … Read more

Coolest Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake

Coolest Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake

This cake was done for my husband’s birthday.  Since he is quite small, pixie like! (his name is Tich) has recently got into gardening  and The Hobbit seems all the rage at the moment here in Kenya I thought appropriate to make him this cake. The “Hobbit Hole” was a bit of a challenge and … Read more

Lord of the Rings – Eye of Sauron Cake

Lord of the Rings - Eye of Sauron Cake

I love making theme cakes but as my son has reached his teenage years it’s become difficult to find an idea that he will like. So for his 16th birthday I decided on the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings. He was completely surprised and loved it! I baked two 8″ round … Read more

Coolest Lord Of The Rings Birthday Cake

Homemade Lord of the Rings Birthday Cake

My friend’s son was a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so she purchased a few figurines to put on top of this Lord of the Rings birthday cake. I made a 1/2 sheet cake and frosted it. Then I sprayed it with green food color to get a “hazy” kind of look. (Note about … Read more

Coolest Lord of the Rings Cake

Coolest Free Cake Design Ideas and Photos

A friend of mine’s son loved the movie “the Lord of the Rings” so for his birthday I created this theme birthday cake. I used a picture I found on the internet and used it as a guide to create this copy of the “White City”. I baked and lightly iced a faux three tier … Read more

Cool Homemade Lord Of The Rings Birthday Cake

Homemade Lord Of The Rings Birthday Cake

I made this Lord Of The Rings birthday cake for my brother’s 21st birthday. As he loved the Lord of the Rings books when he was younger and then the films, I decided to make a themed cake for him, choosing the map as it seemed the most intricate and creative idea for a cake. … Read more