Coolest Olivia Cake

Coolest Olivia Cake

The most daunting task of this cake was making Olivia edible. I wanted to try making the topper totally edible instead of buying a toy to go on top and if I could do it, I could probably make any kind of topper. I used videos on YouTube for guidance, and I love how step-by-step … Read more

Coolest Olivia the Pig Birthday Cake

Homemade Olivia the Pig Birthday Cake

I made a cake mix in two 8-in round pans. I cut the ears and nose from one round cake. Olivia’s ears are uneven (which was easy to work with!) and she has a long rounded triangle nose. The icing used was vanilla pudding whipped with whipping cream and a few drops of red food … Read more

Coolest Olivia Birthday Cake

Homemade Olivia Birthday Cake

I made an Homemade Olivia Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I looked all over the internet for ideas before I started. This cake was super easy but a little time consuming! For the shape, I found a picture of Olivia online and blew it up and outlined with it a sharpie and cut … Read more

Coolest Olivia the Pig Cake

Homemade Olivia the Pig Cake

For the base of the Olivia the Pig Cake, I used a 12” two layer cake topped with an 8” two layer cake. I then covered each cake individual with butter cream frosting. The red stripes and stars are made out of fondant. I added the decorations to the bottom layer, inserted supports, and then … Read more

Cool Homemade Olivia Cake

Homemade Olivia Cake

I made this Olivia cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday! I was inspired by one of the scenes in an Olivia book my daughter has! The cake was made from two 6″ pans and was covered in fondant! The decorations and Olivia character were made out of gum paste. The actual cake was red velvet … Read more