Coolest Olivia the Pig Cake

For the base of the Olivia the Pig Cake, I used a 12” two layer cake topped with an 8” two layer cake. I then covered each cake individual with butter cream frosting. The red stripes and stars are made out of fondant. I added the decorations to the bottom layer, inserted supports, and then stacked the 8” layer on next. I pressed the fondant decorations into that layer next and added more supports.

The top of Olivia the pig is made out of modeling chocolate that I sculpted into the correct shape. Olivia’s skirt is made out of cake that I covered in fondant. (Modeling chocolate is easy to make and work with so don’t be afraid to try it yourself. This was my first attempt at using it.) Before placing Olivia on top of the cake, I added one long wooden rod that came about 3-4 each out of the top to set Olivia on.

I painted the details on Olivia’s face with food coloring. Once the cake was stacked, I used a VIVA brand paper towel to smooth out any imperfections. The Happy Birthday sign on front is also made of modeling chocolate.

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