Coolest Jabba the Hutt Cake

Homemade Jabba the Hutt Cake

My daughter and her friend were celebrating their 4th and 5th birthdays together, so we needed a big cake. The theme for the party was Star Wars, so my daughter picked her favorite character for the cake, Jabba the Hutt. I spend a few hours looking over pictures of Jabba and picked the scene with … Read more

Coolest Jabba the Cake

Homemade Jabba the Cake

I’m a graphic artist at an icing/cake decorating manufacturer, so I’ve started using these free art supplies for coworkers’ birthdays. I had the idea for this Jabba the Cake a month before it was time to make it, and imagined how it would go together: A Rice Crispie Treat core, M&M eyes, and marbled fondant … Read more