Coolest Jabba the Hutt Cake

My daughter and her friend were celebrating their 4th and 5th birthdays together, so we needed a big cake. The theme for the party was Star Wars, so my daughter picked her favorite character for the cake, Jabba the Hutt. I spend a few hours looking over pictures of Jabba and picked the scene with Princess Leia for her cake.

I made three layers in the paisley cake pan shape, one vanilla, one chocolate and marble cake, then I also made a 6 inch round of the marble.

Froze my cakes, making it easier to cut and shape. I filled between each layer with my buttercream frosting and crumb coated with the same. While stacking the cake, I used support rods to hold the cake level. After cooling the cake again. I mixed to different colors of fondant, the light brown/tan and a light green. After rolling the fondant out to a thin later, I pressed a pattern into the fondant. Then laid the fondant and work the seams together. Then cooled the cakes again.

While the cake was resting, I molded the head, face, rolls and arms out of the light green. I free handed these from looking at pictures online. Then I placed the piece together.

Using a water and food coloring mixture, I painted Jabba to give the effect of slime (which doesn’t show well in the picture).

For the rope, I used fondant and gold cake dust. Princess Leia is a plastic doll dressed in fondant.

My daughter and her friends love it!! But even more the adults couldn’t get over that I did that for her. It was a lot of work but worth every moment to see the look on her face when she and her friend blow out the candles.

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