Coolest Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake

Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake

I made this Star Wars Light Saber cake for my son’s surprise 7th birthday party. It was created using about a dozen Twinkies and store-bought canned white frosting. I used a very large cutting board, covered with wax paper, as the plate. I used food coloring to create the different colors of icing. It was … Read more

Cool Homemade Lightsaber Birthday Cake

Homemade Lightsaber Birthday Cake

This Lightsaber Birthday Cake could be the easiest Star Wars cake to make – ever! I took candies that I found at my local candy shop to make lightsabers around the cake (strawberries and raspberries cables)and I matched them with assorted coloured gummies. The lightsabers handles are made from fudge mummies. The action figures used … Read more