Coolest Homemade Lightsaber Star Wars Birthday Cakes

Coolest Homemade Star Wars Birthday Cakes

In a galaxy far far away we planned a Star Wars party for a five year old. We wanted a fun Star Wars birthday cake for the kids. My son thought a light saber cake would be cool and my husband thought it would be even cooler if it were six feet long. So I … Read more

Coolest “May the Force Be With You” Birthday Cake

Coolest "May the Force Be With You" Birthday Cake

My niece is very into Star Wars right now.  She came to me and asked if I could make her a cake for her 6th birthday. With those big begging eyes looking at me how could I say no.  She wanted Lightsabers on it, because that is her favorite part of the movie. Well the … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake

Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake

I had ABSOLUTELY no idea how I was going to do this Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake. But my son LOVES “Star Wars” and really, really wanted a light saber cake. So, after a couple of months of thinking about it and discussing it with some friends, I decided that if I couldn’t find … Read more

Coolest Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake

Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake

I made this Star Wars Light Saber cake for my son’s surprise 7th birthday party. It was created using about a dozen Twinkies and store-bought canned white frosting. I used a very large cutting board, covered with wax paper, as the plate. I used food coloring to create the different colors of icing. It was … Read more

Cool Homemade Lightsaber Birthday Cake

Homemade Lightsaber Birthday Cake

This Lightsaber Birthday Cake could be the easiest Star Wars cake to make – ever! I took candies that I found at my local candy shop to make lightsabers around the cake (strawberries and raspberries cables)and I matched them with assorted coloured gummies. The lightsabers handles are made from fudge mummies. The action figures used … Read more

Coolest Clone Wars Lightsabers Cake

Homemade Clone Wars Lightsabers Cake

Watcha need: 2 cans of frosting (white) blue, red and green food coloring blue, green, red sugar 4 Twinkies 2 skewers 2 ice cream cones black sprinkles I made this homemade Clone Wars Lightsabers cake for my nephews 8th birthday and he loved it!!! I made a 13×9 sheet cake, then colored white frosting from … Read more

Coolest Storm Troopers Star Wars Birthday Cakes 1

The light saber is basically five cake rolls of different sizes. I baked five different fatless sponges of different flavors (chocolate and vanilla), spread buttercream on each sheet of sponge and then rolled. For the handle I used ready to roll white icing that I rolled around the cake and then painted’ silver using edible … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Birthday Cake

Star Wars Light Saber Cake

My kids wanted a combined Star Wars birthday this year. After much deliberation I decided on this Stars Wars birthday cake which pleased them both. I used chocolate frosting mixed with black food coloring for the actual cake. The stars were made with fondant dusted with Wilton silver pearl dust. I wrote the birthday message … Read more

Coolest Lightsaber Cake

Homemade Lightsaber Cake

I was asked to make a Star Wars cake for a friends daughters birthday. I got my inspiration from the other cakes on this site – thank you. I made 2 oblong sponge cakes using the fabulous Lakeland multicake tin. I lay these in a line and trimmed to make the ‘sabre’ shape. I sliced … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Light Sabers Cake

Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Cake

My son wanted a Star Wars cake where the blue and green light sabers were fighting, and the blue was winning. I made a box cake 9×13 pan and cut 4 equal horizontal pieces to make into the light sabers. I iced one blue (on the top so it was winning) and one green. I … Read more

Coolest Lightsaber Birthday Cake

Homemade Lightsaber Birthday Cake

My son’s best friend was having a Star Wars party. He requested a blue Lightsaber Birthday Cake. I made a funfetti 1/2 sheet cake, frosted it in a buttercream icing and went to work! First I printed out a reverse picture of the Star Wars logo. I placed it under plastic wrap, traced it with … Read more

Coolest Lightsabre Cake Idea

Homemade Lightsabre Cake Idea

This Lightsabre Cake Idea is a 5th birthday cake for a young Star Wars fan. The cake is made out of homemade Swiss-rolls for the blade rolled to decreasing diameter. The handle is made out of a sponge cake made in a loaf tin and shaped. It was all then covered in appropriate coloured fondant. … Read more