Coolest HAAHOO Birthday Cake 2

Homemade HAAHOO Birthday Cake

Here is the HAAHOO Birthday Cake I made for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I was a bit stuck for ideas until my son suggested making her a Haahoo as she has a Haahoo cushion that she loves. I made the cake in a large roasting tin making two mixes of cake one yellow and one … Read more

Coolest Haahoos from In the Night Garden Cake

Homemade Haahoos from In the Night Garden Cake

I decided when my daughter was born that I would do what my mum always did for me and make a full blow out decorated Birthday cake every year. First year I made a duck pond and sculpted ducks frogs and plants out of fondant for the top. For her 2nd Birthday I got a … Read more