Coolest Lazy Town Cake Photos and Tips 2

I made a simple, yet pretty cool Lazy Town cake for my daughters second birthday. She loves Lazy Town and she even thinks she is Stephanie! For this Stephanie cake I made two round yellow cakes (8×8) and filled it with whipped cream and “dulce de leche”, which is similar to caramel. After that I … Read more

Coolest Lazy Town Cake Photos and Tips 3

My daughter really likes the show LazyTown and her favorite character is Sport-Stephanie. I printed out a cartoon picture of her and taped it to a piece of cardboard. I then taped waxed paper over it and traced it in color appropriate gel. Then transferred it to the frosted cake. Re-outlined it in colored frosting … Read more

Coolest Lazy Town Cake

Lazy Town Cake

My 3 kids are mad on Lazy Town. So when Tamar was having a Stephanie party, I had to do the Stephanie cake. It is a chocolate sponge mud cake with frosting. White royal icing to the top and sides. I simply drew on a picture of Stephanie and filled in the blanks using water … Read more

Coolest Lazy Town Cake Photos and Tips 0

My niece was obsessed with the show “Lazy Town” around her fourth birthday and was having a Lazy Town birthday at a local gymnastics centre. I made this Sportacus cake with two boxed mixes in a roasting pan. I trimmed the outline a bit to give it more of a face shape and used the … Read more

Coolest Lazy Town Cake Photos and Tips 1

This Lazy Town cake is a basic Victoria sponge. I used regal ice ready to roll icing, really easy and looks really smooth. I used a bit of jam on the sponge to stick down the icing. Stephanie is made of marzipan modeling icing and her clothes are again the ready to roll icing with … Read more