Coolest Lazy Town Birthday Cake Ideas

My niece was obsessed with the show “Lazy Town” around her fourth birthday and was having a Lazy Town birthday at a local gymnastics centre. I made this Sportacus cake with two boxed mixes in a roasting pan. I trimmed the outline a bit to give it more of a face shape and used the pieces of trimmed cake to build up the nose and the tip of his head for more of a 3D effect.

I iced him in buttercream tinted peach blue and white. I created his glasses, mustache and eyebrows by piping chocolate onto wax paper and then moving it onto the cake after it had cooled. I added details with Wilton black gel. The cake was a hit with my niece even if no one else knew who he was or had ever heard of “Lazy Town”.

More Lazy Town Cakes

Cake by Jody K., London.

Lazy Town Cake Photo

This Lazy Town cake is a basic Victoria sponge. I used regal ice ready to roll icing, really easy and looks really smooth. I used a bit of jam on the sponge to stick down the icing. Stephanie is made of marzipan modeling icing and her clothes are again the ready to roll icing with coloring. I used heart stencils to decorate using the colored regal ice. The little cup cakes had rice paper pictures of Stephanie (purchased on eBay) on them and pink smarties.

Cake by Beatriz B., Santiago, Chile

Lazy Town Cake Photo

I made a simple, yet pretty cool Lazy Town cake for my daughter’s second birthday. She loves Lazy Town and she even thinks she is Stephanie! For this Stephanie cake I made two round yellow cakes (8×8) and filled it with whipped cream and “dulce de leche”, which is similar to caramel.

After that I frosted it with buttercream and rolled pink fondant (I made it myself using Wilton’s recipe online and then used pink gel food color).

For the decorations I only used white frosting made with icing sugar and egg whites. Little roses on top and three dots pattern on the sides. I printed Stephanie’s picture and got it laminated and had a mirror image of it to glue them together so you could see from both sides the same image then a toothpick in between layers and attached it to the Lazy Town cake.

Lazy Town Cake Photo

lso made marbled cupcakes with whipped cream on top (sweetened of course) and used gel food colors (royal blue for the kids and bright pink for the girls) and drew colored circles on the computer (Paint is simple) then put Sportacus and Stephanie’s face on them, laminated them and put a toothpick to attach them to the cupcakes. Put these all around the Lazy Town cake.

It looked sooo pretty, the kids loved them… and they all were talking about her birthday for a while.

Cake by Kathy D., Foley, MN

Lazy Town Cake Photo

My daughter really likes the show LazyTown and her favorite character is Sport-Stephanie.

I printed out a cartoon picture of her and taped it to a piece of cardboard. I then taped waxed paper over it and traced it in color appropriate gel. Then transferred it to the frosted cake. Re-outlined it in colored frosting then used a #18 tip for the stars.

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