Coolest Lazy Town Cake

My 3 kids are mad on Lazy Town. So when Tamar was having a Stephanie party, I had to do the Stephanie cake.

It is a chocolate sponge mud cake with frosting. White royal icing to the top and sides. I simply drew on a picture of Stephanie and filled in the blanks using water based icing colours. It was so easy, using a palate of pinks and a steady hand, it was created.

After Stephanie was drawn on the Lazy Town cake and coloured, I added a few girlie pink things to appeal to a little 3 year old, and hey presto, no one wanted to cut the cake.

Animated Stephanie pictures can be downloaded from the web site free and used. It was very moist and very delicious.

5 thoughts on “Coolest Lazy Town Cake”

  1. wow you just make it sound so easy
    and wow what an artist`e you are
    The children look gorgeous and they must be so very well behaved as the little girl is holding the cake so well on her lap.
    look forward to seeing your next creation
    a ‘welcome home’ perhaps?;-)

  2. Do you have a closer picture of the cake? from what I see, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I would like to make this cake for my daughter’s birthday party.


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