Coolest Big Bird Sesame Street Cake

Homemade Big Bird Sesame Street Cake

My sister and I made this Big Bird Sesame Street Cake for my mother-in-law, Beverly, who is a lover of Sesame Street…and Big Bird! We made this cake for her birthday and she loved it; her mother was very ill and passed away the next day. I remember getting to show her mother the cake … Read more

Coolest Elli Big Bird Cake Design

Homemade Elli Big Bird Cake Design

It’s our Elli’s first birthday and for some reason only Big Bird from Sesame Street would do (for me). The Elli Big Bird Cake Design is a flat pan version of a chiffon cake recipe, tasty but simple. The difficulty is working out how to cut it, but after downloading a picture of Sesame Street’s … Read more

Coolest Big Bird Birthday Cake

Homemade Big Bird Birthday Cake

Our daughter Lykke is a big fan of Big Bird. So, a Big Bird birthday cake it would be. I’m not really a cake-baking expert, to the contrary, and I’m very happy with the result. Tomorrow is the Big Birthday, and I am curious to see what Lykke will say! How I made it: 1. … Read more

Cool Homemade Sesame Street Big Bird Cake Ideas

Coolest Sesame Street Big Bird Cakes and How-to Tips

This was for my daughter’s first birthday. This was my first ever cake. I found prints of Sesame Street Big Bird and Elmo and enlarged them on the computer. I used piping gel to make the outline on wax paper and inverted the design on the butter cream frosted cake. I then filled in the … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street Big Bird Cakes and Tips 1

We had a Elmo and Big Bird party. I bought the Big Bird cake pan. Big Bird was a white cake decorated using a star tip. I waited till the cake was cool to spread the butter cream frosting. I added food coloring in each bowl to make the different colors.

Coolest Sesame Street Big Bird Cakes and Tips 2

For my twin daughters 2nd birthday we did a Sesame Street Big Bird theme. I made 2 large cakes for the party guests and 2 individual cakes for my girls. This Sesame Street Big Bird cake was made from a 4 inch spring form pan. It makes the perfect size for an individual cake. I … Read more