Coolest Big Bird Birthday Cake

Our daughter Lykke is a big fan of Big Bird. So, a Big Bird birthday cake it would be. I’m not really a cake-baking expert, to the contrary, and I’m very happy with the result. Tomorrow is the Big Birthday, and I am curious to see what Lykke will say! How I made it:

1. To keep things simple, I bought blue, yellow and orange marzipan in a cake decorating shop. Also, I used red and black food coloring, and icing sugar.

2. I baked a cake (you can also resort to buying a ready made cake if you want to save more time.

3. I printed a coloring sheet of Big Bird raising his hands in a hurray gesture and cut it out along the lines.

4. First, I rolled a long piece of orange marzipan very flat and cut it’s edges. Then I covered the side of the cake with it. Then, I rolled a blue piece of marzipan flat into a circle shape. I used a baking tin bottom to guide me in cutting the circle, and to make sure that no gaps are visible between the top and the side, I made an edge with triangles.

5. Then the fun started. First, I made a flat piece of yellow marzipan, and with the help of the cut-out of Big Bird I cut out a Big-Bird shaped piece of yellow marzipan and put it in place on the cake. I glued it down with a very thin layer of icing sugar mixed with water.

6. Then with a garlic press, I pressed yellow marzipan to be Big Bird’s fur. The fur should not be too long, 1 cm is enough. Start building the fur from it’s feet up and make sure that the fur is pointing outward in a circular shape on the head. The hands are kept free.

7. With orange marzipan, I shaped legs and feet. Also, I wrote Lykke’s name to the side with thin bits of marzipan.

8. I cut a piece of flat yellow marzipan into a diamond shape, and a smaller piece of orange to be the inside of the beak, glued them together with a thin layer of icing and flattened them. Then, I cut a slit in the fur where the beak should be, pressed the beak shut and pushed it in. Then opened it again.

9. I made the eyes from very thick uncolored icing, and for the legs and pupils I used a tiny bit of food coloring (red and black) in thick icing.

The candles came from the shop. I had a lot of leftover marzipan, and decided to make a kind of rope around the base.

Homemade Big Bird Birthday Cake

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