Coolest Elli Big Bird Cake Design

It’s our Elli’s first birthday and for some reason only Big Bird from Sesame Street would do (for me). The Elli Big Bird Cake Design is a flat pan version of a chiffon cake recipe, tasty but simple. The difficulty is working out how to cut it, but after downloading a picture of Sesame Street’s Big Bird (the old version), I revamped the picture to make it into a black and white version which I used as the basic diagram for cutting. (It took a few cuts but I erred on the outside and could correct cutting in.)

The head, feet and hands were cut separately. The worst was trying to work with sugar dough (two colors: yellow and red), which was an unknown for me, but after reading many tips on the NET, I started to work slowly. The “feathers” are strips of sugar dough that were cut on the diagonal. The beak and tongue were quite fun to do (large pieces). The rolls on the legs are strips which are twisted. And the eyes are some horrible jelly candy that I cut round and plastered in a chocolate chip each. There are lots of things I might have done differently, but the finished product is for our Elli’s first birthday and makes an impression.


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