Coolest Zoe Cake

Homemade Zoe Cake

I had made an Elmo birthday cake for my daughter’s first birthday and at her request made this Zoe cake for her third birthday and a Grover for her brother’s first birthday (they had a combined party). My Mum helped me with the cakes and for Zoe, we started with a rectangular shaped buttercake and … Read more

Coolest Zoe from Sesame Street Birthday Cakes

Coolest Zoe Sesame Street Picture Cakes and How-to Tips

I made this cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I used the Wilton Elmo cake pan. Looking at a Zoe Sesame Street picture, I outlined in all of the main parts and filled in with the star tip. This cake did take a while to make due to the many different colors that had to … Read more

Coolest Zoe Sesame Street Picture Cakes and Tips 1

My daughters name is Zoe, so I just couldn’t resist using Zoe from Sesame Street for her 2nd birthday party theme. I found very cute invitations, napkins, and tablecloths with a Sesame Street picture of Zoe dressed up like a ballerina; so that is what I made on the cake. I started by making a … Read more

Coolest Zoe Sesame Street Picture Cakes and Tips 2

I bought a large sponge slab cake from our local supermarket, found a Sesame Street picture on the net of my daughters favorite Sesame Street character which I found on the Sesame Street website., blew it up on the computer, used it as a template and then cut it out. I iced and decorated it … Read more