Coolest Zoe Cake

I had made an Elmo birthday cake for my daughter’s first birthday and at her request made this Zoe cake for her third birthday and a Grover for her brother’s first birthday (they had a combined party).

My Mum helped me with the cakes and for Zoe, we started with a rectangular shaped buttercake and cut it into an oval.

We used white iced cupcakes with a circle of licorice for her eyes and a mini cupcake iced pink for her nose.

Her tongue was a love heart shaped lolly placed on pink icing and surrounded with red licorice for her lips.

Light and dark orange fruit sticks we used for her hair (piggy tails) with real pink and purple ribbons. Her eyelids were made with green fruit sticks.

We used orange sprinkles over orange icing to give a “furry” look.


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