Coolest Survivor Birthday Cake

Homemade Survivor Birthday Cake

Survivor, Emma’s Island. This Survivor Birthday Cake was fairly simple to assemble the day of the party, but I spent a lot of time on prep work the days prior. Cake: I baked (1) 18×3 inch round cake and (1) 8×3 inch round cake for the main pieces. I used (2) 6 inch rounds which … Read more

Coolest Survivor Theme Cake

Homemade Survivor Theme Cake

Here is my masterpiece. My Goodness, this Survivor Theme Cake nearly killed me. I should never have attempted this cake with a 3 week old baby, Alas, here is my story. I made the cake using a mud cake mix and my friends professional oven. It is a full slab size. I decorated it with … Read more

Coolest Survivor Theme Birthday Cakes

Coolest Theme Birthday Cakes and Awesome Photo Gallery

A friend of mine and me made this cake for a church women’s retreat. The theme was survivor. I found the idea for theme birthday cakes from this website. We used pretzels for the fence, graham cracker crumbs for the sand, pretzel rods and fern leaves for the palm trees, whoppers for coconuts, fruit snacks … Read more

Coolest Homemade Survivor Theme Birthday Cakes 1

I frosted the entire cake with blue frosting for the water. The island is made of crushed Nilla wafers, the Tiki god is a zigzag cupcake, and the pink Pansy flowers are made from royal icing with tip 104 which I made a couple days before. The orange Swirl flowers are buttercream icing which I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Survivor Theme Birthday Cakes 2

This Survivor cake was made using a 9×13 inch rectangular pan and large food can. First I iced the rectangular cake with royal blue icing, then streak it with little black and purple icing. The skull island was cut out roughly from the other cake. Dig 2 small holes for the eye socket, and ice … Read more

Coolest Homemade Survivor Theme Birthday Cakes 3

For my daughters Survivor-themed birthday, I created a cake with layers (it didn’t matter how neat the edges were), frosted it (again, it didn’t have to be neat) with vanilla frosting. The waterfall was sprayed blue and the remainder was covered with crushed graham crackers. Broken pretzel pieces made up the fire logs and the … Read more