Coolest Survivor Theme Cake

Here is my masterpiece. My Goodness, this Survivor Theme Cake nearly killed me. I should never have attempted this cake with a 3 week old baby, Alas, here is my story.

I made the cake using a mud cake mix and my friends professional oven. It is a full slab size. I decorated it with black ready to roll icing and coloured white icing to match the logo. I used tracing paper to draw the Kangaroo and trees and placed it over the icing and with a knife I cut it out. I measured EVERYTHING before I cut and layed on the cake. It was an exercise in mathematics at the same time.

TIP – Never use black icing on a rainy day (unless you have air con on all day). The icing was so hard to work with. I used letter cutters to cut the words out and my trusty old ruler to line them up properly.

This has been my best cake so far. I just love it, the pain was worth it. It took a day and a half in total to do this (with a little help from my hubby). My sister loved it!


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