Cool Plants vs. Zombies Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted to have a Plants Vs Zombies themed birthday sleepover for her 9th birthday.  Great, except nobody makes Plants vs Zombies (a popular video game) anything.  So I used a trick that my mom (who used to bake cakes semi-professionally) taught me.  I printed a coloring page of the Plants vs Zombies head for … Read more

Coolest Plants vs Zombies Cake

Coolest Plants vs Zombies Cake

My husband came up with this Plants vs Zombies cake idea. It’s his favorite game. It took around 3 days to make the figures for the cake. I home made and colored all the modeling chocolate, fondant, and icing… no easy task. It was a lot of fun making a cake just for the sake … Read more

Coolest Plants vs. Zombies Cake

Our whole family plays that game and so I decided to make a cake for my husband’s 38th birthday: As my husband works at home, I had to start weeks in advance. I used every minute when he left the house and sculpted all the little fondant figures: wallnut, tallnut, sunflower, peashooter, zombies and even … Read more