Coolest Plants vs. Zombies Cake

Our whole family plays that game and so I decided to make a cake for my husband’s 38th birthday:

As my husband works at home, I had to start weeks in advance. I used every minute when he left the house and sculpted all the little fondant figures: wallnut, tallnut, sunflower, peashooter, zombies and even a small lawnmower that went on the cake. I’m especially proud of the purple one which took me ages to make. The cake itself is covered in light and dark green marcipane as my husband doesn’t like fondant. Everything on the cake except one toothpick (to keep the chili standing) is edible.

Just like in the game I also added a message from the zombies: Hello, we are about to launch the 38th attack on your youth. Sincerely the Zombies

The Plants vs. Zombies cake was a huge success and nobody was allowed to eat the cute little figures on the cake. They were all kept as a memory.