Coolest Snowman Brithday Cake

Homemade Snowman Brithday Cake

I enjoy baking and I received a snowman pan for my last birthday, my granddaughter told me she wanted a snowman this year. I try to make the children, and family cakes for their birthday. I used a Pillsbury cake mix plus 2 1/2 cups of mix so it would be a good thickness. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Snowman Cake Ideas 7

I made this snowman cake for a birthday party my sister-in-law was having for one of her friends. I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan for the globe. I used two 6-inch cakes for the base and an 8-inch cake for the bottom. I frosted the globe white and gave it a bumpy texture to … Read more

Coolest Snowman Birthday Cake

Homemade Snowman Birthday Cake

For my son’s first birthday in January, we went with the popular “Winter Wonderland” theme. I wanted to make a stand-up Homemade Snowman Birthday Cake, and browsed lots of photos on this great site for inspiration. I used two Pyrex bowls to make this cake. I baked two cakes with the larger bowl and inverted … Read more

Coolest Homemade Snowman Cake Ideas 8

I used tiered cakes for this snowman cake, making the top and smallest tier his top hat. I used a paper plate for the brim, cutting the center out and frosting it black like the hat. His arms are pretzels.

Cool Homemade Christmas Snowman Cake

Homemade Christmas Snowman Cake

The snowman on the Christmas Snowman Cake is fondant on a buttercream frosted and smoothed cake airbrushed light blue. The snowflakes around the sides are piped royal icing that are sprinkled in large grain sugar.

Coolest Snowman Birthday Cake

Homemade Snowman Birthday Cake

I decided to make a 2D Snowman Birthday Cake. I made it over several days. I used chocolate cake mix and divided it between 2 different sized pyrex bowls. Once baked and cooled I removed the cakes and sliced off the top domes. I cut out a portion from the bigger cake so as to … Read more

Coolest Snowman Cake

Homemade Snowman Cake

I baked regular 9 x 11 chocolate cake for this Snowman Cake. I cut out the shape, used spare cake pieces for raised arms. Regular white icing to decorate body, egg white icing for trim so stand up stiffer, and colored it. I used candies for eyes, nose, licorice mouth, pipe, buttons, mittens, and scarf. … Read more

Coolest Snowlady Cake

Red Hat Society Christmas Cake

When my Mom asked me to make a Christmas cake for her Red Hat Society party, the first thing I did was look online for ideas. I found a picture of a Red Hat Snow lady on a fabric swatch and fell in love with it. I decided to make the fabric my design on … Read more

Coolest Snowman Cake

Homemade Snowman Cake

I made this Snowman Cake for work. The body is made using three different sized Pyrex glass bowls and I had to use dowels to keep it from tipping. The icing is a buttercream icing with marshmallow topping mixed in.

Coolest Mr. Snowman Cake

Homemade Mr. Snowman Cake

During the holidays I love to bake! My house is covered with snowmen! So I figured this year I would try a snowman cake. The cake is made with 2 cake boxes. One yellow and one chocolate. Once I baked the cakes I put them in the fridge to make the carving easier. I had … Read more

Coolest Snowman Cake

Homemade Snowman Cake

The key is not to make perfectly round circles for a snowman cake. And a frozen cake works best. Three adults and three children all crowded around a kitchen island works well. We found that we needed a table saw and a measuring tape to cut the piece of plywood down to size as we … Read more

Coolest Frosty And Rudolph Christmas Cake

Homemade Frosty And Rudolph Christmas Cake

I made this Frosty and Rudolph Christmas cake for my family’s Christmas. Frosty is made out of rice krispie treats, frosted and covered in fondant, and Rudolph was made out of chocolate crackles, covered in melted chocolate then fondant. Rudolph’s antlers were made from toffee but because we had a hot Aussie summers day they … Read more

Coolest Christmas Snowmen Cupcakes

Homemade Christmas Snowmen Cupcakes

These great Christmas Snowmen cupcakes are really easy to make but look impressive. I made these for my son’s Christmas party at school and they went down a treat! First make your cupcakes, any type will do. When the cupcakes have cooled down, ice them with white icing (icing sugar mixed with water). Use fondant … Read more