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Adorable Easter Cupcakes

Fun and festive, Easter cupcakes are the best way to feed a crowd this holiday!

Cupcakes are so popular for a great reason – they are the best! As a kid waiting for a piece of cake, time stretches out interminably long. No matter when you get your cake, it always seems as if everyone got their piece first. Make cupcakes and all cake-waiting your problems are solved! In addition, cupcakes help with a holiday dinner when kids night eat dessert before adults.

Both children and adults will love our selection of Easter cupcakes. Easy and adorable, you can accent them with candies. You will see the clever way DIY bakers have created a basket handle using licorice. Can you guess what jelly beans represent? If not, you will just have to check out our homemade cupcakes below.

In addition, using candies will also get you out of the kitchen faster, so you can spend more time with your family and friends. Happy Easter!