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Coolest Easter Bunny Cupcakes

I made these Easter Bunny Cupcakes for a family party and they went down really well with the kids and the adults! I looked on the internet for some ideas and then adapted them to suit. Firstly I made a batch of plain sponge cupcakes and then iced them with homemade butter icing. I then had great fun decorating them with help from my 2 year old.

We used smarties for the eyes and nose and a blob of black writing icing for the pupils on the eyes. The mouth and whiskers were drawn on using pink icing gel and then tiny mini marshmallows became the teeth. I cut large white marshmallows in half length ways and shaped them to make ears. One half of the marshmallow is sticky and so I dipped this into pink decorators sugar to make the inside of the bunny’s ear. A little extra butter icing helped every thing to stay in place.

These were such fun to make and the only difficulty was stopping my son(and myself)from eating the sweets! Hopefully these will give you some ideas.

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